Vintage: Second In South Africa, 2017

Vineyard Planted: 2014

Number Of Vines: 3360

Single Vineyard Block n. : 40

Sun Exposure: NE to SW row direction

Soil Type: Disintegrated granite and clay materials

System: Guyot Trellis System

Clone: I – CAP VS 12

Irrigation: Drip

Harvest Notes:

The grapes were handpicked on the 2nd and 6th of March 2017 early morning. Coming into the cellar at a balling of 24.5,  Ph 3.38 and TA 6.85. Quantity harvested 9,493 kg in cases transferred to 400kg bins.

Winemaking Description:

The Vermentino was whole bunch pressed, enzymatically settled and racked after 2 days. Fermented with a hybrid local commercial yeast in tank. During the middle of fermentation, the wine was transferred to barrel. The makeup of the barrels were all older neutral barrels. Bottling is scheduled for late September.

Tasting Notes:

A glass of classic Sardinia Vermentino will offer up lively aromas of pear, white peach, lime and pink grapefruit with subtle notes of crushed rocks and citrus zest. On the palate, Vermentino is almost always dry and somewhat oily with flavours of grapefruit and citrus, with a crushed rocky minerality and saltiness. On the finish, it can be a bit snappy with bitterness similar to the taste of grapefruit pith or, if it’s on the riper side, fresh almond. We are happy to say Ayama Vermentino 2017 is promising to be a fantastic South African version of the Sardinian Vermentino.

“If you are looking for a unique taste, this is your wine and you will love it forever.”